David Contarino on Taos Ski Valley for Double Diamond Skiers

David ContarinoAccording to David Contarino, Taos Ski Valley is a prime location for expert double diamond skiing. David Contarino skis the bumps and steeps at Tao whenever he has the opportunity—especially off the West Basin Ridge.

David Contarino states that a sought-after spot for double diamond skiers is the narrow ridge at Stauffenberg, which features a 37-degree pitch. David Contarino also recommends the Zdarsky and St. Bernard trails for expert-level skiers.

At Taos, even the easier trails provide a stimulating experience, says David Contarino. They possess surprising twists and turns, as well as unexpected steepness around certain corners. According to David Contarino, the highest mountain is measured at 11,819 feet, with a vertical drop of just over 2,600.

David Contarino encouraged his children, David and Isa, to begin skiing at an early age. Although skiing might appear to be a difficult and often dangerous activity for most people, David Contarino stresses that skiing is safe for people of all ages as long as proper precautions are taken. In fact, David Contarino proudly notes that both of his children were skiing on double diamond trails off the ridge by the age of 9.

According to David Contarino, the best spot outside the West Basin Ridge is the R&R, located under the cliff in the tree between Werner’s Right and Pierre’s. The narrow trails have greatly challenged David Contarino on numerous occasions. The trails are typically narrow, steep and full of bumps, perfect for double diamond skiers like David Contarino. Not to mention that the trails are often lined with trees. David Contarino believes there is no better way to spend a winter day.

David Contarino notes that the Taos area contains four ski resorts to suit different tastes: Taos Ski Valley, Sipapu, Red River and Angel Fire. Additionally, the Enchanted Forest Cross Country Ski Area features more than 30 kilometers of manicured trails for skiers. For nonskiers, David Contarino is quick to point that Taos holds 15 kilometers of trails for hikers and snowshoers. Other winter activities are also popular in the area, says David Contarino. Visitors can enjoy snowmobiling, snowboarding, tubing and indoor skating.

For David Contarino, the Taos area is world-renowned for its excellent instructors and a series of trails fit for all skill levels. The Taos area, located in north-central New Mexico, is positioned in the southernmost portion of the Rockies. David Contarino mentions that skiing is not the only fine attraction at Taos. Taos was recently honored among the Top 12 Small-Town ArtPlaces, according to David Contarino. ArtPlace is a group of banks and foundations invested in local art and culture. Taos is home to a number of art shows, fiestas, festivals, workshops, concerts, demonstrations and tours throughout the year. Additionally, David Contarino compliments the delicious food, friendly residents and exquisite weather for making Taos such a remarkable place.